About us


Visoft Ltd. was established in 2009 as an exclusively Hungarian owned company.

Our mission is to create such a high quality and value that is measureable even with international standards; with our high quality overall information solutions, applying the most up-to-date technologies our purpose is to reinforce the Hungarian economic life’s competitiveness and thus achieving better market position.

Our activities

We are proud of our experience in Java, .Net, Ruby, PhP, Delphi etc., however we find the flexibility and quality of our team more important.

We define ourselves as quality „supplier” in planning, delivering and implementing applications that help our customers’ workflow.

When carrying out Projects the ultimate value is to get the exact results the customer expected, that is why our analysts are in direct contact with the customer’s dedicated experts: they check the demands and interpret it to Visoft’s Development Management, this way the customer doesn’t have to handle special, complicated, technical questions.

In case of complex projects (several participants, complicated environment, time sensibility etc.) Visoft’s Projects Management offers the most suitable methodology, but manages the carry-out process in a customer revised- and accepted way.

Training the users, implementation, delivering the necessary knowledge to the operational team and the warranty of our systems are the essentials of our services.
The ViNetBid System is one of the Visoft Kft. developed fullauction system, with the help of which any purchase and sales auctions can be handled easily.It enables electronic auctioning and tendering of products, services and other valuables via the Internet.
We offer our services from planning IT systems to executing concepts. In order to provide perfect services we've long term cooperation with leading international companies. System integration is based on word class products. We have successfully qualified for public tenders several times.
We have created this division in order to be an active participant of the domestic information security industry. Among our plans we intend to introduce a safe and secure domestic IT system that will be able to compete with the foreign western infrastructures.

Our activity includes protected data storage, distribution and handling; creating regulations, consultancy activities on a group or corporate level. In order to support our clients we provide them with expertise and consultancy.
Our services are based on our up-to-date expertise, the profound knowledge of the used IT tools and the experience of the numerous successful projects of ours.

We undertake the full-scale execution of projects and expertise from the demand planning till the launching phase. As a recognition of our expertise our services are often used by our partners especially concerning bigger governmental software development projects.

EU projects

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In July 04, 2019, Visoft Ltd. gained funding for the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Program (GINOP)-2.1.7-15 - “Prototype, product, technology and service development” tender. 

Project Name: Developing an accredited prototype of an interactive game table and software system for online bridge competitions 

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In March 01, 2018, Visoft Ltd. won subsidy at tender construction titled „Economic Development and Innovation Operational Program (GINOP)-3.1.2-8-2-4-16 - Supporting marketization and entering international markets of products and services produced by micro-, small- and medium businesses.

Project name: „Further development and branding of an internationally marketable auction system.”

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